Private Label Toilet Seat Covers

Join the Premium Hygiene Movement

Public bathrooms – and specifically, their toilet seats – are hardly the cleanest places in the world. If you’re in search of representing an innovative solution in your own name, we at Toletta can help. With our private label toilet seat covers, you can benefit from added protection without a negative impact on the environment.

Healthy for You and the Environment

To spearhead the premium hygiene movement with Toletta, we have created an industrial 1 layer smooth paper toilet seat covers that is completely biodegradable. So yes, that means it’s safe to flush! This is our most economical paper and still offers great bacterial protection. Overall, you can count on our private label toilet seat covers to provide greater protection against infections, improved comfort, and plenty of peace of mind.

Growing Demand, Consistent Quality Control

The demand for premium hygiene products is continuing to grow, and it’s getting harder to figure out which solution is safest to trust with your company’s reputation. With Toletta, we prioritize quality control and consistency to ensure not only your satisfaction but also the safety and comfort of those who use our products. That’s why all our products are manufactured in ISO-certified facilities that have undergone and completed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits. We produce well over one million paper toilet seat covers each year.

Custom Solutions for Private Label Partners

We’re dedicated to ensuring our customers are satisfied, and that extends to our private label partners. That’s why we’re proud to offer a range of personalized options to suit your needs. From language translations to custom packaging with UPC/EAN barcodes and more, your brand will be well-represented on a trusted Toletta product. And with a minimum order starting at only $15,000 USD, you also benefit from unbeatable value.

Our private label toilet seat covers offer a new, environmentally friendly way to stay safer and more comfortable in public bathrooms. Not only does Toletta strive to take the “yuck” factor out of these spaces, but we’re also happy to give other companies a chance to join the premium hygiene revolution. Reach out to us today at to get started!

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