Private Label Toilet Paper

Help Set a New Standard in the World of Hygiene Products

People go through a lot of toilet paper around the world. Without going into detail, it’s an ever-in-demand product. However, not everyone can offer the same quality, cleanliness and flush-ability as Toletta. If you’re looking to invest in private label toilet paper, it makes sense to choose a product that has a reputation for quality and value, will offer the most comfort and will safeguard your brand’s reputation.

Our toilet paper rolls are individually wrapped and made from virgin pulp or recycled paper. Our standard toilet paper rolls are 2ply with 500 sheets per roll, there’s plenty of value to be had as well as peace of mind. This is especially true for bulk orders, which is why we can fit 56,160 rolls per 40' container. Now that’s a whole lot of paper! You won’t run out at an inconvenient time again.

Environmentally Friendly, Top-Quality Products

Of course, quantity means nothing without quality. While other companies throw the term “premium toilet paper” around freely, we take it seriously. All of our rolls are manufactured according to strict quality control parameters. Everything is produced in ISO-certified facilities with completed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits. That way, you can depend on our quality as much as your customers can. Our private label toilet paper rolls are entirely biodegradable for a reduced impact on the environment. They also offer greater antibacterial protection and are completely flushable. Combined with our competitive prices for bulk orders, you can’t go wrong with this paper.

Customized to Suit Your Needs

We’re excited to give your company the chance to put its name on Toletta products, including our premium toilet paper rolls. This is why we’re pleased to offer fully customized packaging, complete with adaptation into your language of choice. In addition, we’ll include UPC/EAN barcodes for added convenience. All of our products are carefully designed and tested to be the complete opposite of the too-thin counterparts found in most bathrooms. This means less product wastage and higher customer satisfaction, helping you save on money and stress.

To summarize, there’s never been a better time to join the Toletta family. Orders start at $15,000 USD, and we’re happy to work with you on a customized solution that doesn’t just meet your needs but also exceeds expectations. Reach out to us at today to learn more about our private label opportunities. Help us set a new standard in the world of hygiene products today!

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