Vending Machine Vending Machine

Vending Machine

Mini Wall Mount

Toletta Mini Vending is designed for high-traffic public bathrooms. It takes up very little space (59L x 33.5W x 13.5D cm, that’s less than 2 square feet). The vending machine is easily mounted on a wall, and does not require any power (coin mechanical operation). It weighs only 12 kilos and is made of heavy duty steel construction. You can order the machine in pink or black and customize it with local language and currency. It can accept 1-4 denominations of the same currency (i.e. 4 x $0.25 or 2 x $1). The vending machine has capacity for a 2-piece box of Toletta, which is about 30 packs. It’s available with exclusive territory and minimum order of only 10 machines.

Our minimum order is $5,000 USD. Email us at or call us at 613-482-8320 to arrange a time to learn more about our vending machine and exclusive distributor opportunities.

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