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With Toletta Mini Toilet Paper, you’ll never get caught in a stall without paper again. The small frosted plastic case holds 55 sheets. All our products are made from 3-ply toilet paper, giving you layers of antibacterial protection. They’re safe to flush and biodegradable. Sales from mini toilet paper support breast cancer research.

We’re one of the leading FMCG companies who can offer private label and customized packaging with new languages and UPC/EAN barcodes. We can make full toilet paper rolls in different colors (black, orange, green, yellow, pink and blue), fragrance, packaging and quantities. Our toilet paper products are sold in 5000+ retail stores worldwide and we offer a full color beautiful retail counter-top display. Orders start at $5,000 USD. Email us at or call us at 613-482-8320 to arrange a time to learn more about our toilet paper and exclusive distributor opportunities.

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