TOLETTA is a luxury brand of paper toilet seat covers.

Our award-winning purse size travel packs are sold in 5000+ retail stores worldwide and have been featured on NBC, Doctors TV, Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and Vogue. We're passionate about making a difference and creating stylish hygienic products for use in public bathrooms.

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Our Story

We created Toletta in 2008 after discovering that that there were no paper toilet seat covers available in the public bathroom of our local shopping mall. They were also hard to find in stores, and the ones that were available were thin and crunchy—not exactly the most comfortable or best protection for your tush. And so, we set out to make a better product.

Today, Toletta products are loved by customers all over the world. You can find them in over 5000 stores across the globe. They’re softer and thicker than anything out there, and give your skin great protection from harmful germs. Quite simply, they take the ‘yuck’ out of public bathrooms. We’re proud to say that a percentage of the proceeds from Toletta sales help support breast cancer, child poverty, and environmental charities.

Caine and Dora

"Very comfortable & discrete"

These are a bit bulkier than Seaties or similar travel toilet seat covers on the market, but they are also considerably cheaper, more comfortable to sit on, and a generous size. In addition, buying them helps a good cause.

5 out of 5 stars. January 3rd, 2015


We've been featured in a lot of magazines

As Seen On TV

TOLETTA was on The Doctors TV Show, a USA television program with a panel of four medical professionals. We've also been on City TV Breakfast Television and NBC Today Show.
Visit our YouTube channel for more videos.


TOLETTA is available in a convenient purse size travel pack. Our flagship product is luxury paper toilet seat covers. Each pack contains 5 or 10 tissues. The 5 pack has a frosted plastic case. The 10 pack has a resealable zip lock bag. The Pink brand helps support Breast Cancer Research and the Blue brand helps support Child Poverty Awareness. We can also make custom OEM and Private Label Products. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities and product range.

5 Pack


Mini Toilet Paper

Mini Wall Bathroom Vending Machine (Pink) by TOLETTA

Mini Vending


Toletta Kids


Commercial Pack


10 Pack

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The Paper

Our tissues are made from large sheets of 3 ply toilet paper. They’re safe to flush, biodegradable, 20% larger and 42% thicker than other brands. Larger tissue helps prevent your beautiful behind from touching the dirty toilet seat. Thicker tissue is softer and provides 3 layers of antibacterial protection from germs and viruses.


We make our tissue from large sheets of 3 ply toilet paper.

toilet_paper flushable


Don't worry, it is safe to flush our paper down the toilet.

toilet_paper thicker


Thicker paper helps prevent infection from bacteria and viruses.

toilet_paper larger


Larger Paper helps prevent your skin from touching the toilet.

toilet_paper anti-bacterial


Our paper has 3 layers of anti bacterial protection.

toilet_paper bio-degradable


The paper breaks down in waste and septic systems.

"I love it!"

This product works really well! It's thicker than the ones furnished in restrooms. I feel so much cleaner when using them

5 out of 5 stars. December 23, 2014


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TOLETTA is sold in 5000+ retail stores worldwide. The average store sells 40-120 packs per month and we manufacture more than 1,000,000 paper toilet seat covers each year. Retail stores include Locatel, Farmacias Arrocha, Carrefour, DM Drogeriemarkt, TUS, Boots Pharmacy, Virgin Megastores, Al Nadhi Pharmacy, Whites Pharmacy, Noura Pharmacy, Al Dawaa Pharmacy, Citymax, Spinneys and Panda Supermarkets.

Our distributor program is perfect for companies that wholesale fast moving consumer goods to supermarkets, hypermarkets, duty free travel shops and pharmacies. For qualified distributors, we offer exclusive territory, marketing support, customized packaging with new languages, UPC/EAN barcodes and your company information on the back of each pack. We can also make custom OEM and Private Label Products for hotels, vending machines and promotional items at trade shows.

"Great product reasonable price"

My wife loves these and will not travel without them. Great product at a very reasonable price. Will buy again.

5 out of 5 stars. December 15, 2014


Answers to some of your questions
Check out our retailers section for a list of stores.
The 5 pack in stores is $2.99 to $3.49 USD. The 10 bag is $3.99 to $4.99 USD. For distributor prices, contact us for a wholesale price list.
The minimum order for distributors is 2,400 packs for stock we have in Canada. The minimum order for custom products is 24,000 packs. We can reduce the minimum by at least 50% if we can combine your order with another customer for the same product.
It takes about 60 calendar days after we receive a deposit.
Yes. Just help us share the cost for shipping.
Send us your inquiry and we will provide more details. Click Here